Chevrolet Bolt: An Electric Vehicle for the masses

Our everyday appliances are power hungry. A report by BBC reveals that the world will run out of oil in almost 50 years. Statistics also reveal that the major proportion of air pollution caused by toxic emissions from vehicles is one of the main causes of global warming. Vehicle manufacturers have always been trying to discover new technology trends to overcome these issues. The use of electrical energy is trending nowadays as it is safe and environment friendly. Chevrolet has recently unveiled its electrical vehicle, an innovative way of moving on roads.

Bolt 2017 is an electrically driven five-door hatch that boasts 200 miles from a single charge. Bolt was just a concept till last year that was revealed at the Detroit Auto show but one month earlier, the car got the green signal for production. The production process will start later this year at the GM’s Orion Assembly plant in Michigan. The concept shows this car to be an attractive one. Pam Fletcher, Chevrolet’s chief engineer for EVs, described this vehicle as a crossover between contemporary technology and traditional vehicles. It is a five-door car with plenty of space at back and a wide trunk. The engine comprises of a single electric motor mounted on the front that drives the front wheels of the car.

The interior of the car is furnished with LCD screens and all the buttons are hidden under the laminated covering. The seats are positioned a little bit higher as compared to the previous models but it provides great visibility of the road. You may not easily judge the dimensions of the vehicle but it’s easy to maneuver when you are at the crossroads.

The Present For GM

Right now, the GM hasn’t uttered a word regarding the car specs, battery features etc. But one can assume the specs of the car based on another battery operated vehicle Tesla Model S, which can boast 240 miles. So analysts think of Bolt as 60 kWh car with a recharging time of about 3 hours. There is also no statement regarding the release of this EV model but he said that it would be a 2017 model, so it would be released later this year.

What GM has highlighted is the technology trends that will be adopted in the car. This car is packed with high tech features, covering the safety gadgets, from the blind spot warning to parking and lane-keeping support. Right now, two figures are attractive, 200 and 30,000. The first number indicates the mileage of the car in a full recharge while the latter one indicates the price. It is quite economical as compared to Tesla’s $70,000 model, that’s the cheapest one.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ms. Barra highlighted that the Chevrolet Bolt EV would be the first electrically driven vehicle that will achieve the status of high mileage with less cost. Chevrolet has focused more on mileage than pricing so as to show a downside to the Tesla car. This car will go under production later this year and it would be a rival car to the Tesla S model. So it’s more important that this car hits more than 200 miles per charge. You should just play with your VirZoom while it charges!


Three Tips To Becoming A Modern Day Music Artist

A lot has changed in the past three decades, let alone longer than that for music artists. There is more avenues to become discovered now, which is great, but it has also opened the door for more competition and people to battle against. Regardless of what type of genre you fall in, becoming a recording artist these days is a combination of both talent and determination.

As the late Tupac would say, “Even though you’re fed up, you gotta keep your head up”. These words still resonate reality today, and they embody just how much vigor it takes to become a famous recording artist these days. You will have to work hard, and have the best gear. This is especially important if you are either in a rock band and need awesome guitars or if you are a DJ and need a capable turntable. Being hidden celebrities here, we will share three secrets to get you thinking about to further expand your musical career:

1. Showcase your talents on Youtube

Youtube has made it very easy to get on the map nowadays, and it is has birthed the careers of many world renowned celebrities nowadays, the most notably being Justin Bieber. Take advantage of youtube because it is a very easy way to show off your talent and get natural viewers and build up your fanbase. Be active, constantly put up videos and treat Youtube like it is your calling. Because it is. If you grow your subscriber base, and you are getting positive feedback from your fans, you are definitely capable of being signed to an agency.

justin bieber concert

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Unique

There are so many copycats out there, and they never get anywhere. You have to be unique to stand out in this business. Adapt your own sound, and go with it. Don’t be afraid of what people will think. If you have what it takes you will be discovered by your own merit. This isn’t necessarily saying that you shouldn’t put covers of other artists out there, but don’t overdo it. Covers are a great way to grow your fanbase because the songs are already famous, but they should not be your bread and butter. There is a fine line that you should watch and not step over. All in all, focus on your own unique sound and keep working to perfect it.

3. Keep Networking With Various People And Places

Networking is key in this game, and it is what will give you that first big break. If you have an agent already, make sure he keeps trying to get you gigs, whether it be for your band or just you as a solo singer. There are plenty of local places that allow up and comers to showcase their talent and they are a great way to get on the map. Also, you never know who will be watching you there. As you build a network, you have a higher chance of being called to replace someone that cancelled last minute or just being asked in general. This is exactly what you want and need to happen.

The music artist game is super competitive, and it is unforgiving, so that is why you always have to remain positive. Life is a grind and this is no different. It depends on how bad you want it, and the person that wants it the most can definitely pave his own path to glory and fame. Good luck out there.


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women

Usually we focus on more technology based informative articles here, but seeing as how Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner I feel like this is the proper time to segue a bit and discuss what gifts one can buy for their significant other (lady or man) during this special season of love. These three gifts are mainly for women, but we will you a bonus gift for a man as well just in case you’re a female reader here:

1. Chocolate Roses And Dinner

Everyone does roses and chocolate, but no one does chocolate roses. The thing is, they are very tasty, thoughtful, and unique. The trick is to do this not during the date however, but afterwards. Take her out to a fancy dinner, and then when you go back home, whip out the chocolate roses and enjoy a night full of fun. Chocolate roses are great if your spouse loves chocolate only, but who are we kidding that’s almost every girl out there.

2. Birchbox!

Birchbox is a fairly new service that has literally become the destination for holiday gifts. The way it works is that you subscribe to a 3, 6, or yearly “box” that gets sent every month to the destination address of your choice. Inside this box are various beauty products in smaller trial sizes. It is great if you have a lady that loves makeup, hair care, and skin care products. You are even able to go inside the account and customize your physical attributes, as well as ask for what items you want more of.

Another great part is that this can be purchased for men as well! Yes that is right women, you can now get your man a male Birchbox that comes packaged with great goodies for him to try out.

You can get more information at Birchbox.

Lipstick can come in the birchbox.

3. Puzzle Box

A puzzle box is a great idea for anyone looking to buy that special gift with a little extra meaning. The premise is simple, the box contains various different compartments that can fit various items. To unlock one compartment requires the person to unlock the previous one starting form the outside and working your way inwards. This is great for someone looking to give their love of their life that really special gift. You can start with many other smaller gifts on the outer boxes and you can put the really special one in the last box. Gifts such as these are great and add a little spice to any Valentine’s Day gift.

So just remember for this very important holiday you now have a few more options that will make sure you are in your significant others good graces. After all it is hard for one to not have a good Valentine’s Day when the gifts include chocolates, beauty products for both men and women, a gift box that is literally the gift that keeps on giving, or for those who are feeling really adventurous a combination of all of the above. Make sure you keep these gift ideas in mind during this festive love season and have a terrific Valentine’s Day.


VirZoom: VR meets Fitness

Video games kill the physical abilities.” You might have heard this sentence over and over from people, especially those debating that computers have limited the physical activity of people. One might find it hard to believe but gaming addicts literally find it hard to take out some time to stretch their legs, or even go to the washroom. It was true to some extent in the past but now, video games drive your fitness. Latest technology trends have modified the previous gaming concept and merged gaming into exercise routines. The end product is fitness oriented games. Intrigued much? Read on!

Think of Motion rides; you are just experiencing a video that is being played in front of you but the entire environment makes it seem as if you are actually experiencing the situation. That’s what virtual reality (VR) headsets are now being used for. For example, you are experiencing a cycle race in your VR set, so you would paddle faster to nail it. The new technology enables you to physically ride the exercise machine and VR creates a virtual impact on your mind as if it’s real; so you actually experience the situation. It is no more virtual; it’s real!

The bike designed has buttons on its handle, for paddling, scrolling menu and for firing missiles etc. as required for the game strategies. The handle also features heart rate sensor, distance travelled and time taken. All the collected data is transferred to a PS4 or PC (connected to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive) via Bluetooth. The bike cannot be interfaced with mobile data like Samsung VR etc. as it lacks the positional tracking.

VirZoom’s previous versions were actual bikes. You actually had to turn the handles in order to turn around. This was a little bit confusing and illogical as the users were not able to actually see their hands or legs inside the headset (remember it’s virtual). VirZoom’s latest version has sorted the issue and fixed handle has been mounted on the bike that uses the motion-sensing technique to locate your position. It enables you to turn around by leaning your shoulder to left or right.

You will experience different games inside the headset. Just like capturing bandits while riding a horse, collecting coins in mid-air on a winged Pegasus and of course racing cars. The first two games turn out to be more interesting. In the car race, you will have to paddle fast to be the winner. Whenever you come across a rough surface, you are forced to propel faster.

While wandering on a flying Pegasus, you fly over high mountains and lush green fields. The harder you paddle, the higher you fly. You have to find coins and collect as much as you can to boost your energy level. At first, you will feel tired very soon, but practicing more will help you get into the flow.

The company has started taking the pre-orders for the bike on its website. The first 300 buyers will get the bike plus five initial games with updates for only $200 while the rest of the buyers can own this bike for $250, making it a dream come true for all the gaming freaks out there.


LG Display unveils New 8K TV That Is Rollable!

LG Display has opened a new door of technological innovations with the introduction of its latest rollable 139 inches OLED TV that has totally changed the previous notion of television.

This new TV is just like a piece of paper that can be folded and carried anywhere. LG Display will soon launch this latest technology with the tagline, “Your Imagination, Our Innovation,” at its Las Vegas private showroom. The showroom will be divided into two sections, displaying LED and LCD sections separately. In the commercial zone, LG will be the first company to showcase an 86 inches TV with 58:9 aspect, considered perfect for displays at airports and stock companies. This showroom will highlight the key advantages and importance of OLED and its different applications in the industry and the commercial sector.

Gone are the days of bulky boxes and simple, flat screen television sets with the new LG OLED TV. LG is also going to reveal its 18 inches rollable OLED TV at the CES event. It’s as easy to carry as a newspaper. LG is also expected to display its paper-thin 55 inches TV that also houses the circuits compact at the bottom. LG aspires to introduce its 65 inches UHD TV soon that is also a marvelous creation by the company. You will also see HDR and 8K (7,680 X 4,320) 65-inch TV panels, that are made power-efficient, using M+ technology, minimizing almost 35% power consumption with either the same or 50% enhanced brightness.

The most notable of the devices is the S-shaped 139 inches Vertical Tiling OLED (VTO) that comprises of eight 65 inches double-sided OLED panels that can show different pictures of same size. In the automobile zone, LG will showcase a 25 inches curved LCD that can also easily fit into the cars. There is also a 10.3 inches LCD panel designed for the drivers.

LG is working to change the concept of heavy, bulky and monster TV boxes and is trying to pack the picture into compact displays. This innovation is surely a feather in the company’s hat and the company will soon flourish into other manufacturing industries.

Dr. Sang-Beom Han, Vice Chairman & CEO of LG Display said, “LG Display has been sharing successful solutions with its customers by meeting the market’s requirements and demands with its differentiated technology. We will continue to offer differentiated values to the market and customers and strengthen the company’s leadership by responding quickly to trends in the expanding OLED market, including the fast-growing automotive and signage sectors, by offering various solutions.”

LG Display said it will showcase the S-shaped, 139-inch vertical tiling OLED in its commercial zone. In terms of products people will actually be able to purchase 65- and 77-inch UHD OLED TV panels with excellent contrast, color accuracy, and viewing angles, along with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities to ensure good performance in scenes with varying brightness. The company says these are intended for use in digital signs but, of course, the design could probably have practical use in automobile displays as well as, of course, mobile devices (and particularly wearables).